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25th Clinical Applications for
Age Management Medicine Conference

November 1-4, 2018JW Marriott Starr Pass, Tucson, AZ

Top Ten Reasons to Attend AMMG's Conference:

  • Ready-to-use tools to immediately add Age Management Medicine to your practice
  • Expert Age Management Medicine presenters
  • Medicine’s hottest topics, latest protocols, current research initiatives
  • Comprehensive case studies
  • Interactive panel discussions
  • Hormone optimization in clinical settings
  • Nutrition, supplements, exercise, and more
  • Advanced therapies, emerging science, evidence-based protocols
  • Networking with industry leaders/colleagues
  • Earn 26 AMA CME Credits

Get ready to be engaged, challenged, inspired.

The Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) delivers a remarkably different conference that takes you away from the routine healthcare narrative and into a reinvigorating educational experience, guaranteed to help you embark on a new journey of medical discovery.

Real healthtcare change begins here.

You get AMMG’s eye-opening, CME-accredited conference—grounded on the health-focused, paradigm-shifting Age Management Medicine—as well as opportunities to learn how to gain training and certification in this dynamic medical specialty and even an invitation for AMMG’s Professional Membership network, loaded with benefits and discounts on future conferences.

The Age Management Medicine Difference

Why no practice should be without it.

What’s Age Management Medicine? A profound, meaningful, proven medical approach that’s setting the standard for 21st century healthcare in all medical disciplines. It’s a progressive, preventative, proactive specialty focused on health, not disease. Age Management Medicine delivers measurable, life-changing patient outcomes—optimizing health and delaying or removing degenerative aging—using precision medicine, breakthrough technologies, evidence-based/customized modalities, and solid science.

You Back in Control of Your Practice

Age Management Medicine, practiced part or full-time, leads you onto a different path—where you regain command of your practice and medical decision-making. It’s medical excellence at every turn with no insurance red tape, less stress, better patient care, a restored patient-physician relationship, and a reignited medical passion.

Go Further: Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine

Age Management Medicine Certification

AMMG helps you move to even higher medical levels with an advanced, multidisciplinary training in Age Management Medicine that delivers the insights, responsible research, advanced tools, evidence-based protocols, and emerging science to keep you ahead of the 21st century curve and grow your age-management practice.

AMMG Certification in Age Management Medicine educates you from theory to practice in a conscientious, smartly mapped out, layer-by-layer program—underscoring the highest medical standards with diligence and accountability. Successfully completing the three-module course earns you 82 AMA PRA Credits.

Get a new medical perspective

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Certification in Age Management Medicine

AMMG Professional Membership:
Pioneering a New Medical Frontier

Age Management Medicine Group New Medicine

AMMG partners with physicians, educators, expert presenters, and healthcare professionals to change and better the medical landscape—creating a progressive perspective that challenges our thinking, consistently educates, meets the shifting demands of 21 century medicine, and redefines how we practice medicine for unparalleled health outcomes.

Become part of the change—and reap the benefits professional membership gives.

Top 8 Reasons to Join:

  • 25% discount on future conferences
  • Consultations with physician experts
  • Listing in the member directory
  • Discounted malpractice insurance
  • Discounted practice marketing services
  • Special offers from AMMG sponsors
  • Member-only access to special site content
  • Become a supporter of high-quality clinical education
AMMG New Medicine Conference
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AMMG Conference Reviews

What Other Physicians are Saying?

I've lectured at medical conferences for 15 years, all over the world. This was the best one ever.
- John Crisler, D.O.
Excellent conference- and I’ve been to many from other organizations.
- Ruth Hoover, M.D.
I was very impressed with the conference as a first time attendee.
- Joshua Reilly, N.M.D.
I was blown away by this conference. I have already convinced my husband who is a family physician to attend the next conference with me. Thank you for offering these kinds of educational opportunities.
- Dana Morgan, M.D.
This was the best conference I have been to in 12 years. I appreciated the knowledge of the presenters as well as the take home pearls to use in my practice immediately. Thank you very much.
- Brandon Chastant, M.D.
Best conference yet. Absolutely enjoyed the location-- learned and relaxed; conducive to networking unlike Las Vegas.
- Fran DeChurch, M.D.
It was my second meeting and it was as exciting as the first!
- Dean Yimoyines, M.D.
This was an extremely valuable and information rich course.
- Thomas Gardner, D.O.
The interactive lectures were more helpful than just the research-citing lectures. Practical information is very appreciative.
- Cindi Marquette, M.D.
Wonderful group of people, venue in Tucson was spectacular.
- Jennifer Haley, M.D.
Excellent organization Your organization is great and I am proud to be a member.
- Dan Both, M.D.
Reimagine medicine. Become a member today

AMMG's Fall Agenda Delivers it All

Breakthrough Science, Timely Topics, Interactive Panel Discussions, Expert Presentations, Compelling Research and Much More at AMMG's Anti-Aging Medicine Conference!

Fall Agenda

The Metabolic Medicine Conference Curriculum will Include These Highly Instructive Topics:

  • Clinical Use of Peptides
  • Hormones and HRT for both Men and Women
  • Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment of Breast Cancer in Women
  • Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment of Prostate Cancer in Men
  • Precision Medicine Applications including Personalized Clinical Approaches to Aging, Genomics, Stem Cells,
  • Microbiome and Inflammation
  • Office Based Aesthetics Protocols (procedures done without a board certification in either Plastic Surgery or Dermatology)
  • Clinical Interventions for Aging and Disorders of Aging
  • And many more at AMMG's Functional Medicine Conference

From latest research findings and eye-opening presentations to engaging, interactive panel discussions with experts to introduce and update physicians on the latest science-based clinical information and sophisticated clinical applications. After attending this in-depth, four-day Hormone Replacement Conference, you’ll walk away with what you need to add this 21st century medical specialty to your existing practice. We’ll even show you how you can become certified in Age Management Medicine.

Plan ahead to join us at AMMG's dynamic Integrative Medicine Conference. It will help move you and your practice forward. You’ll walk away armed with the knowledge and approaches needed to immediately add age management medicine to your current practice as well as what you can do to make it your full-time specialty.

Fall Agenda

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